SenseSmartRegion at FIWARE Global Summit

Palácio da Bolsa, where the conference was held

Raihan, on his way to the conference.

Raihan and Leif participated in the FIWARE Global Summit conference in Porto May 8th-9th, which had 500 participants. The purpose was partly to learn more about how FIWARE, as we use components from our platform, is developing forward, and partly to spread information about what we have done to the outside world.

There were several tracks at the conference. Leif participated mainly in the Smart City track and Raihan in the development track. One lesson was that we definitely got results that should interest the rest of the FIWARE community and that we should aim to hold a presentation at the next FIWARE Summit in November.

The conference featured many interesting presentations. The most touching one was probably the presentation of the Brazilian project me make, where talented young people from the favela were identified. The project then provided equipment and taught them to build and program robots. Five of the young people participated in the conference, but as they did not speak English, their project manager were about their development.

Projeto me make

FIWARE now is spreading all over the world, and main target areas are:

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Industry
  • Smart Agrifood
  • Smart Energy

Technology roadmap for the next 12 months:

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