SenseSmartRegion at ITARC 2018, May 2-3rd

Christer and Leif presented the project at Dataföreningen’s annual conference ITARC. Day 1 we presented the project for 211 participants.

Day 2 we held a workshop ton the subject to specify services on our platform. The four groups worked according to the following schedule:

Think on your own

·       What service would you like to develop?

In the group

·       Review the proposals from each one.

·       Discuss. Which of the proposals:

o                     Is most useful to society?

o                      Has the biggest commercial potential?

o                      Is the most ”outside the box”?

·       Determine which service you primarily want to work with in the group.

Continue with the service you have chosen in the first place.

·       What data do you need access to?

·       Which of these are already available as open data? Look online.

·       What other data could be available as open data?

·       Which IoT devices would you need to acquire and connect yourself?

·       How would you connect them?

·                       Lora

·                       Other IoT networks

·                       3/4 / 5G

·                       Other internet connection?s

What should the service accomplish?

·       Do you need multiple user interfaces for different roles?

·       Should any physical equipment be controlled?

Describe a typical usage case for your service.

Document your results so that you can present them to all workshop participants.

The groups chose to work with the areas:

·       Monitoring of sensors

·       Recycling stations

·       Elderly Care

·       Individual data on items in the stores

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