Workshop for companies, on the SenseSmartRegion platform, October 13th 9.00-12.00

The SenseSmartRegion project has developed an IoT platform that manages communication with IoT devices, storing sensor data, getting access to other open data and supports presentation of information as Augmeted Reality. We also built a number of services on the platform ourselves, but now we have packagedte functions of the platform, and invite other actors to build services that use out platform. We are going to run two workshops, onefor private persons and one for companies.

SenseSmartRegion and Skelleftea Digital Alliance invite companies to a workshop at Idélabbet, LTU Skellefteå, October 13th 9.00-12.00. You find Idélabbet in the south-west corner of the D-building, see map

We invite anyone interested in trying our platform for IoT, open data and with support for AR that we have built up in the project. Try to:

  • Connect sensors to the platform (via WiFi, or via the LoRa network we have built up).
  • Get your sensor data, and / or use other available data in the platform.
  • Present data in the form of augmented reality, AR.

Then you are up and running and can build your own services on the platform.

Bring your own laptop f or the workshop session!

The workshop is free of charge and will be held in English.

We have some money in our project budget for stimulating service development, and might be able to help SME’s that have good ideas for services.

Register no later than Tuesday October 10th, at 10.00. We will have a limited number of participants, so be fast to get a seat!

We hope to see you for an exciting workshop!


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