Sprint 4

Today we passed the Sprint 4. We have evaluated FIWARE and Open IoT as middleware for our platform, and concluded that we at least until further use FIWARE. Therefore, we will run a practical workshop with FIWARE, said that all parties to the project are familiar with the tool.
We also experimented with our NOx sensors and managed to get readings reminiscent of the readings from the municipality sensor. We will be experimenting with a new packaging for our sensor and also purchase ”air quality eggs” for something additional to compare with.
We have continued to experiment with AR tools to deal with augmented reality and made progress.Augmented reality

We have also continued to work on pattern recognition and can now recognize objects. However, this demands very high capacity.

Image recognition
Image recognition
In addition, we have developed a demo with a smartwatch, showing the direction and distance to the object you are looking for.Smartwatch
We intend to bring in a couple of students studying interaction to work on how we can interact with dead objects during the summer.

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